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Below are add-on / in-home available for clients in the Lafayette and surrounding areas only. In-home packages have limited availability and require advanced scheduling.

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Are you a single parent or does your parnter work nights or weeks away so you’ll be implementing sleep training solo?

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  • Night 1 Text Message Support $147 **

    Night 1 only, you may text me between 6pm and 9pm CST. I will answer your text within 10 minutes of receipt.

  • In-Home Consultation $147 **

    I will come to your home for the 60-90 minute private consultation portion of your sleep package. I will also assess your child’s room for light, sound, temperature, room set-up, crib/bed placement, and discuss recommendations to optimize the sleeping environment.

  • Bedtime Support $447 **

    Need a little reassurance to get started?

    I’ll be by your side for the first bedtime routine and falling asleep process for Night 1 of your plan.

    I’ll arrive 30 minutes before your child’s bedtime and provide a total of 3 hours of in-person, real-time coaching and support.

  • Nap Time Support $147 **

    Want to make sure naps are in a good starting place?

    I’ll be by your side during the nap routine to provide you with support and encouragement as you get your little one settled and asleep for naptime.

    I’ll arrive 30 minutes before your child’s naptime and provide a total of 2 hours of in-person, real-time coaching and support.

  • Half-Night Support $797 **

    Change is hard – for many of us.  Many parents feel very anxious about the first night of implementing their child’s new sleep plan.

    You may find yourself wondering “Am I going to be able to stick to it, even when I’m completely exhausted?”

    “What if I have questions in the middle of the night?”

    “What if it doesn’t work?”

    With this addition to your Infant or Toddler+ Sleep Package, I will arrive at your house 30 minutes before your child's bedtime routine starts and provide 6 hours total of in-person, real-time, coaching.

    I’ll be by your side for the first bedtime routine and falling asleep process for Night 1 of your plan.

    After that, we will have time for you to ask me whatever you want!

    Then, I’ll be in charge of your baby’s monitor and you can go to bed!

    At the first wake-up, I will be right there to coach you through exactly what to do to get your baby back to sleep without resorting to old sleep habits. Together, we can make the changes that your baby needs for independent, healthy sleep.

  • Over-Night Support (Contact for Pricing)**

    Maybe having a sleep expert accessible for the ENTIRE first night of sleep training sounds ideal and the best way to support you. If you’d like a guaranteed way to set you up for success, this may be what you’re looking for.

    I offer a limited number of full-night (12 hours) of in-home support packages.

**In-home support for those within 20 miles from Lafayette, LA. For those outside of this radius, please inquire for in-home pricing.


  • Gift Certificates

    Friend or loved one expecting?

    A Newborn Sleep Package makes for a great baby shower gift.

    Know a sleep deprived Mama?
    An Infant or Toddler + Package can solve their sleep problems once and for all.

    Busy working mom who needs some sleep?
    Webinars are a convenient way to get on the track path to healthy sleep habits form the comfort of your home.

    Contact me for customized Gift Certificates!*

    *Gift certificates can be applied to any sleep package, seminar, or webinar.

  • Sibling Add-On Package

    Do you have more than one child who struggles to sleep? If so, you could be eligible for a $150 discount!

    Book siblings* and you will receive a $150 discount for each additional child, after the first child.

    *Excludes multiples; message me to inquire about pricing for multiples.

  • Refresher Call
    • Brief sleep question analysis 
    • A 30-minute call to address your sleep concerns. Following the call, I will email you a summary document including our action plan.

    Investment: $97

  • Travel Package
    • 30-minute call to discuss your travel plans and review recommendations, including strategies for the car or plane, dealing with time zone changes, setting up appropriate accommodations and more.
    • A detailed travel plan outlining the strategies we discussed for your specific travel needs.
    • Two Email Sessions (one during your trip and one after you return home) for correspondence to troubleshoot any issues during your time away and to ensure your child is back on track with her sleep when returning home

    Investment: $247

  • Bundle Packages

    Combination of three 20-minute calls and/or email sessions

    Investment: $97

    Combination of six 20-minutes calls and/or email sessions

    Investment: $197

  • Email Support

    Includes one week of email correspondence* with me to address ongoing concerns, create an action plan, and receive support while you get sleep back on track.

    *You may email me twice per day and I'll respond within 24 hours of receipt.

    Investment: $147

  • Basic Week Tune-Up

    This package includes:

    • A 30-minute call to address your sleep concerns. Following the call, I will email you a summary document including our action plan.
    • One additional check-in call
    • One week of unlimited email correspondence with me to ask any follow-up questions or make necessary adjustments.  

    Investment: $247

*Sleep Refreshers are reserved for past clients only. If you you have questions or want to book your Sleep Refresher, send me a message.

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