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Building Your Sleep Sanctuary

HALO® Bassinet

HALO® Bassinet

Perfect for close sleep, but in their own safe space.

Convertible Crib

Convertible Crib

5-in-1 crib designed to grow with your baby.

Lullaby Earth

2-Stage Mattress

Designed to improve breathability.

Chenille Sheets

Sound Machine

Ideal for blocking environmental noises.



Returns moisture to the air for easier breathing.

Motorola Video Monitor

Video Monitor

Perfect for long-range viewing.


Owlet® Monitor

Offers a sense of ease for new parents.


Nanit Monitor

More than a monitor, tracks health & wellness.

Cordless Blinds

Blackout EZ Window Covers

Darkness guaranteed with an easy setup.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

Blocks light and cools the room.

Swaddles & Sleep Suits

Love to Dream

Love to Dream

Perfect for babies who prefer their arms up.

Dreamland Baby Co


Perfect for newborns who are not yet rolling.


Ollie Swaddle

Grows with your baby through transitions.

Magic Sleepsuit

Magic Sleepsuit

The swaddle transition to calm the startle reflex.

Nested Bean

Bitta Kidda

The sleep sack with lovey attached.

Swaddle Transitions & Blankets

Magic Dream Sack


Another favorite swaddle transition to help calm the startle reflex.

Halo Wearable Blanket

HALO® Blanket

The wearable blanket comes in a range of sizes & fabrics.

Navy Flower Flying Squirrel

Sleeping Baby®

Cozy bodysuits for toddlers – no blanket needed.

Dreamland Baby Co.

Dreamland Baby

Weighted blanket designed to keep your child warm & cozy.


Toddler Nap Mat

All-in-one pillow, blanket, &  mat – perfect for daycare or travel.

Gadgets as they Grow

Hatch Rest

Hatch Rest

All-in-one device – night light, sound machine, & time-to-rise.



A portable, screen-free device to develop mindful meditation practices.

Travel White Noise

Ok to Wake Clock

Teach your child when it’s okay to get up in the morning.

Oil Diffuser

Oil Diffuser

A night light and an oil diffuser in one designed to soothe the envrionment.

Projectables Night Light


A night light that acts as a soothing guide light for a dim room. 

Travel Essentials

Slumber Pod

Slumber Pod

Perfect for room-sharing at home or travel.

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Blackout Shade

Blackout Shade

Perfect for travel – have instant darkness wherever you go.


Portable Crib

Compact fold, portable safe-sleep space and play yard for littles.

Shrunks® Bumpers

Inflatable Toddler Bed

Designed for toddlers, these are great for home or travel.

OK to Wake

Travel White Noise

Whether on a walk or in the car, bring the white noise with you.

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