Add-On Service – Half-Night Support


Change is hard – for many of us.  Many parents feel very anxious about the first night of implementing their child’s new sleep plan.

You may find yourself wondering “Am I going to be able to stick to it, even when I’m completely exhausted?”

“What if I have questions in the middle of the night?”

“What if it doesn’t work?”

With this add-on, I will arrive at your house 30 minutes before your child’s bedtime routine starts and provide 6 hours total of in-person, real-time, coaching.

I’ll be by your side for the first bedtime routine and falling asleep process for Night 1 of your plan.

After that, we will have time for you to ask me whatever you want!

Then, I’ll be in charge of your baby’s monitor and you can go to bed!

At the first wake-up, I will be right there to coach you through exactly what to do to get your baby back to sleep without resorting to old sleep habits. Together, we can make the changes that your baby needs for independent, healthy sleep.



*Pricing based on 30-miles radius of Lafayette, LA. For families outside of this radius please inquire about pricing.


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