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Hi! I’m KALA

Pediatric Sleep specialist

Overwhelmed. Tired. Frustrated.

That’s Where I come In.

I have a guess why you are here … You are tired. You are exhausted, maybe even frustrated. You are ready to wake up feeling well-rested. Energized. Ready to take on your day. Ready for SLEEP.
If you’re like most Mamas I know, you LOVE your little one, more than anything.

And if you’re really like those Mamas I’m talking about, you’d love it even more if your little one was sleeping through the night, so you can too.

Hello, my name is Kala Guichard, Louisiana’s premiere 
Pediatric Sleep Specialist, family coach, and mother of two uh-mazing boys, Jules and Orin, and one daughter, the princess Ada.

I work with loving parents of amazing children – like you. You want to be the best parent you can be for you child, but the only problem is, you are exhausted and frustrated because you little one isn’t sleeping. 

Your baby just won’t sleep; you’ve tried everything, but nothing is working. You are at your wits end and you don’t know what else to do. Sleep shouldn’t be this hard, and it doesn’t have to be


Sleep is not a privilege or luxury

Sleep is a biological necessity.

….and is essential to your family’s health, happiness, and overall well-being.

While all of my clients have a different story, they all have one thing in common, RESULTS! Our time together is not over until you reach your sleep goals.

I am committed to solving your child’s exhausting sleep habits once and for all.

When we are finished, your child will be sleeping through the night and taking restorative naps so that everyone in the family wakes feeling well-rested and energized.

Do You Teach "Cry It Out?"

No. I do not endorse the Cry It Out Method. Cry It Out refers to leaving a child in their room to cry, and ignoring them completely. This method assumes that crying is what teaches your child to sleep; and frankly, you do not need me for that

I offer a range of methods that are comprehensive, age-appropriate, and ease your child through the transition of learning to sleep while maintaining your active involvement. I tell you what to expect along the way and we work together, making adjustments as necessary.

The good news is that when done properly and consistently, there is less crying with each passing night. and once babies learn how to fall asleep on their own–which can happen pretty quickly–the crying goes away and success is achieved.

What Age Should I Sleep Train?

You’ll get a different answer to this question depending on who you ask.

There’s no one “sleep training age”—the answer will be different for every baby. One question you should be asking is am I, the parent, ready for sleep training? That’s right! Your baby of course needs to be ready-but you need to be ready, too. Sleep training requires a commitment from parents. Once you’ve decided that you’re ready for sleep training, first, get clearance from your pediatrician to rule out any potential health or medical factors that could be impacting your child’s sleep. Then consider your baby’s age. Most babies are not ready for “formal” sleep training until 4-5 months old, when they have developed a regular sleep-wake cycle. My program for “formal” sleep training begins at 3 months, but it is never too early to begin establishing healthy sleep habits.

Are Your Services Covered by Insurance?

They should be, because sleep is that important to your health; however and unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that my services will be eligible for reimbursement.

Should you choose to use your HSA or FSA funds for my sleep services, I can provide you with a detailed invoice and other supporting documentation to submit to your insurance company if needed.

Grab All of My Resources for Better Sleep Tonight

I was personally in the trenches of sleep deprivation and it changed the way i help tired families get the sleep they need.

Where it all began for. me. I was there, sleep deprived and it was affecting every important aspect of my life. I wasn’t myself, struggling every day to be a mom, wife, and professional.

Self-care? Ha! That’s laughable. There was no time or energy for self-care.

And bedtime…? I loathed the thought of bedtime.

The only thing that felt predictable in my life was my son’s unpredictability with sleep. I dreaded putting him to sleep at night because I knew in a few short hours my ears would be ringing and I would be awakened by a screaming baby.


And repeat.

It was a vicious cycle.

Maybe you can relate?

IT DOESN’t have to be this Way. 

Happy Clients

“Sleep issues are a thing of the past in his household! We can’t thank Kala enough for helping us. Not only did she give us the tools we needed to teach our one-year-old son healthy sleep habits, but she also supported us every step of the way.”

“Working with Kala was great and our little one at 10 months old, surprised not only us but Kala with how quickly he adjusted after a couple of nights. We were literally in cruise control mode after the third night and naps he adjusted to well. Follow her advice and be committed to it 110%!”

“I don’t think there are enough words to describe how much Kala has changed our lives! Our 2.5 year old is FINALLY sleeping through the night in his own room!!! Something that we struggled with, Kala came in and saved us! I was always so hesitant to sleep train because my husband and I didn’t want to use the “cry it out” method. Kala’s method is genius.”

Are You Ready?

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