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Newborn Sleep Guide

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“A must-have for new and expecting parents!” There is so much information out there about newborn sleep, and the last thing you want to do is sift through book after book trying to make sense of it all. The information you learn in this guide will set you up for sleep success long after the newborn stage is over by helping you establish healthy sleep habits right from the start. You’ll learn:

  • Sleep education and guidance for babies 0-4 months
  • The science of newborn sleep
  • Safe sleep tips
  • What to really expect when you bring your baby home from the hospital
  • Age appropriate schedules and suggestions for structuring your days and nights
  • How to correct day/night confusion
  • How to help your newborn sleep longer stretches
  • Soothing techniques for fussy babies
  • What changes at 4 months
  • How to lay a strong foundation for healthy, independent sleep

Don’t spend another minute browsing blogs or flipping through books. DOWNLOAD NOW and enjoy the newborn stage!

This guide does not address any type of formal sleep training techniques. Many newborns are not ready for longer periods of sleep until they are older and have matured physically and developmentally. Rather, this guide will help you to lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits and gently ease your child towards independent sleep skills when developmentally appropriate.

This guide is intended for babies birth to 16-weeks adjusted age.

This is a digital product and is not eligible for a refund.