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Daylight Saving Time Guide

Daylight Saving Guide $25

Most parents don't mind the time change in the fall when you gain an extra hour (unless you have an earlier riser; there's a guide for that, too), but it sends fear through parents' bones when they hear that they are going to love an hour of sleep in the spring! Whether spring or fall time change is nearing, this guide will help you navigate the time change with ease, helping you and your little one get through with as little hiccups as possible with sleep! Included in this ultimate Daylight Saving Guide is:

  • How to prepare for the time change, Spring and Fall

  • A step by step process for Spring and fall, beginning the week before or the day of the time change

  • An easy to follow guidelines to adjusting your child's sleep schedule with the time change

  • Sample schedules and recommended wake time for your child's age

  • Additional tips for surviving the time change

A few days of adjustment and you'll have your little rockstar sleeper back to being a pro, like the time change never existed. 

This guide is intended for babies over 16-weeks adjusted age.

This is a digital product and is not eligible for a refund.