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Sleep at Last is amazing!!

From the day we brought my little home, he was a horrible sleeper. Some nights he would be up for hours, others he would wake up every two hours. I never knew how much sleep if any I would get. He was always cranky, I was cranky, and I was failing as a mom, wife, and employee because I couldn’t function right. My poor 2-year-old didn’t get any attention at night time because the baby had to be in my arms. Finally, at 9 months I reached out to Sleep at Last for help! BEST DECISION EVER!!!

My son now sleeps 11-12 hours every night and takes two naps in his crib!! The program is so easy to follow and anytime I had a question Kala was right there to not only answer it but she explained it so well she normally ended up answering other questions without me having to ask. Sleep at Last has made my family’s life better and I now have a happy baby and I feel like I am human again!! I cannot say enough good things about Sleep at Last!!

If your baby isn’t sleeping do yourself as your baby a favor and call Sleep at Last!!!!!


Kala was so wonderful to work with! Our son was sleeping throughout the night before Sleep at Last, but I HAD to be touching him or he would wake up-so if I needed to get up for any reason in the middle of the night-my son did too. Our sleep was restless and we all felt so exhausted. Kala helped my husband and I to get our son on an INDEPENDENT routine. Our son, Salvador, is now sleeping 12 hours a night in his bassinet next to our bed and mommy’s neck/back/arms are so grateful for this 🙌🏻 Even if you think your sleep routine is as good as it gets, just call her! Her consultations are free and she won’t tell you she can help unless she really feels she can. I didn’t realize how much of a difference sleep training would make until I did it. Now, I’ll never look back!

Heather and Ryan

After my first 2 kids didn’t sleep, I figured it was just how my kids were wired. My third baby was different. By 4 weeks we had 6-8 hour stretches! Then...we didn’t. Kala was referred to me by a mutual friend who PROMISED we would love everything about her. Well, she was right. Every time I talked to Kala I felt like she genuinely wanted us to succeed. We chatted often and she was always there for any obstacle thrown our way. She gave us the tools, and even more importantly, the confidence to get our sweet boy to sleep through the night. Before we started with Kala, our 8 month old was up every 2 hours, and would only go back to sleep if he was nursed or rocked. There was a whole lot of protest from him if we put him laying down. 3 weeks later, my boy is sleeping in his own room for 11-12 hour stretches, falls asleep on his own, and naps without being rocked. Kala is knowledgeable, caring, and truly magical.


Came across Kala on fb and reached out in desperation. My 7mo old was waking up at random times every night. Every night was a mystery for us and as soon as we put him to bed we were in bed ourselves to take advantage of any sleep time we could get. Naps were little to none and night time was just as bad. Kala set a routine for our son and I will be honest I had my doubts. I thought that our baby was going to be that one baby that this would not work on. I was wrong, by the second night he was sleeping all night. There were a few nights where he woke up, but we followed the routine and pushed through it all. It feels wonderful to have our sanity back. This has been the best investment. Our son is well rested and a lot happier. No more night time feedings or constant wakings. I would highly recommend Kala with Sleep at Last. This has been a huge blessing. We even able to have a date night for the first time in 7mo. Thank you Kala!


Hiring a sleep consultant was not something we ever planned to do as a family but after months of trying to figure out how to get through a night with more than only a couple hours of sleep we decided to give it a shot. My son went from a 45min to an hour sleep routine that consisted of being held like a ticking time bomb and dropped into the crib in hopes of not awakening then waking up an hour later to be consoled and put back to sleep in addition to several additional wake-ups and early morning rising (yes, oh yes, it was not fun...) to today - he's able to fall asleep happily on his own, on a decent schedule and sleeps through the night. No more tears and screaming, no more struggling to stay awake during the day and mostly - a happy baby and the most sleep we've had in the last year and a half. Kala is genuinely interested in tackling challenges that come up, she's gracious and kind and makes you feel like she's on your team. Thank you, Kala for all your hard work. I 100% wish I would've found you sooner.

Shai and Paul

Hiring Kala is the best thing my family has ever done! I’ve learned that babies sometimes just need to learn how to do things on their own and that crying is okay! It’s how they communicate! I know my baby’s cries and I know when I’m needed and when I’m not. We’ve gone from Ruby in our bed, waking during the night for bottles, and being very restless to her sleeping in her crib, in her room, for 12 HOURS a night!! No night feedings and got rid of the pacifier! I would also have to hold her for her naps and now she’s having great naps in her room, alone! She actually loves to just lay in her crib and play with her hands or talk to herself and enjoy her quiet, alone time! A major bonus to all of this is that now, my husband and I have a few (much needed) hours to ourselves every evening that we didn’t get before to just focus on us! Sleep At Last has been wonderful for our family!


I didn't know anything about newborn or babies sleeping needs before working with Kala. we started working together when my son was only give weeks old...I want having any difficulties with him, but I knew I wanted to avoid the sleep problems my other mom friends talked about. Kala walked us through a detailed plan for my son, explaining the rationale behind all of her suggestions. She checked in on our progress several times a week, and made it easy for me to reach out to her with questions, which I had tons of. She was respectful and prompt in her responses. She also checked in on how we were doing as new parents, and how I was adjusting to all the changes that come with being a first time mom. My son is three months now and I feel great when other moms talk about having to start sleep training while my son is having great naps and six hour stretches at night! Without Kala's help I'm positive we would have fallen into some hard to break habits. I definitely recommend working with her, even if you aren't having sleep issues she did a great job helping us be proactive!

Jenna and Patrick

I highly recommend Kala! I was getting so overwhelmed by the amount of information on sleep and the methods of sleep training. All I knew was I didn’t want to let my baby cry it out for hours on end but beyond that I wasn’t sure which method was best for me and my family.

Kala made the process so individualized and tailored to our needs as a family. Our daughter is 8 months now and is on a better sleep routine than before and is consistently sleeping through the night!

(this baby is now actually 2 years old and is still sleeping well!)


I've never had the best sleep habits (4-5 hours a night and I'm good) but couple that with a child who is who up all night and on an opposite sleep schedule 😩
We felt like we were failing as parents because he couldn't get him to sleep. Then our patience was slim as we weren't sleeping, so "all the things" screaming that we needed help. It took us a while to finally admit we needed to make some changes but weren't even sure where to start. It wasn't even for our benefit, but let's be honest, that was an added perk! We saw our son's mood declining, he was always sick, and the list goes on. After almost a year of relentless nights, I saw a post from Kala in a Mommy FB group, so I reached out.
We brought her on board to help train us & hold us accountable to helping our little guy meet his sleep needs. After a few short weeks (that felt long in the moment), he is putting himself to sleep, sleeping through the night and staying quiet until it's "wake up time" 🙌 We even came out of sleep training as pretty close friends. Another added perk!
All that to say, [in my most Gordon McKernan voice] if you or someone you know is losing sleep due to this whole COVID-19 situation, you may owe it to yourselves to call Kala! She can fix you guys right up! GET IT DONE! Our only regret is that we didn't get it done sooner!

Brittany and Gregg

Kala took our preferences and existing routines into consideration when creating a sleep plan for us. She was very thorough and addressed every question and concern i had along the way. Highly recommended for any mom who has tried it ALL but is still exhausted. Worth the investment!!


Kala was the absolute best! She actually kept in touch with me for about 6-9 months or longer before I even decided to do her sleep plan. We had already paid for a different one and it wasn’t much help. My husband was very skeptical and didn’t want to spend the money on it, nor did I because we had already paid for the Sleep Sense one... But she kept checking on us and I finally had a breakdown and asked for help!!! Looking back, I wish I had done it sooner!!! The first few days after starting was hard but we followed her rules and her process to a T and it worked! We haven’t slept good in 2 years. My baby girl just turned 2 yesterday and we did our program with Kala at the end of January and the first couple weeks of February! We had a full sleeping baby before the first week was even up!!!! Of course I didn’t sleep because I was waiting for her to wake up... It was weird not having her wake up multiple times a night!!! Took a few days for my sleep training to kick in too! Lol But we are beyond grateful for the hard work she put in with us and the attentiveness she showed us!!! The price is a bit expensive until you go through the program and you see how hard she works and how much she helps you through the process, it’s NOT just a “ here is a ton of info to read, let me know if you need anything kind of thing” she was there the WHOLE time! Phone calls, emails, text! It was worth every penny!!!! I was pretty stressed at first but she kept me strong the whole time! The sleep log she created was wonderful! She taught us many great skills we needed to help our whole family! Not only is my baby sleeping all night but during our process her vocabulary got better, her words got clearer, and her memory got better! Her overall learning had improved a ton!!! She can say her alphabet and count to 10 before she was 2!! I was so impressed with how much she gained by getting sleep!!!! I was told they do most of their developing and retaining of memory while they sleep! I didn’t realize how sleep deprived she really was until now... It was amazing watching her during those few weeks! We are so happy to have done the program with Kala! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone with sleep issues! She really changed our life, like our whole entire family’s life. We are really beyond grateful and so blessed!!!! She was an answered prayer!


Me and my husband did sleep training with our 13 month old about a month ago, and we highly recommend it! Kala was so kind and supportive during the tough moments! I am no longer literally my daughter's bed and we can count on sleep for all of us. And most importantly, our daughter is happier now with all the sleep she gets. Thank you Kala! ❤

And here's some more that I'd like to add. ❤

1. What was the best thing you learned from this experience?

How to comfort our daughter without using tons of props to soothe her.

2. Is there anything specifically that has changed as a result of what you've learned?

No use of endless props or mommy being the literal bed for baby. And did I mention sleep?? 😍

3. On a scale of 1 to 10 please tell me how likely you would be to recommend Sleep at Last to others. 1 being absolutely not - 10 being heck yes)

Absolutely a 10

Again, thank you Kala. For giving us the ability to care for our Rose better.


Our Story: As a mom of 3, sleep just wasn't in the cards for us - hadn't been for a while. So my husband and I just accepted the sleepless way of life when we welcomed our 3rd daughter in Nov of 2018. She was 7 months and I decided that I simply couldn't stay awake every night as much as we were (at least 3 night feedings), so I reached out to Kala. I'm not going to lie, we were skeptical during that initial call. Keep in mind that we hadn't been able to get our first 2 babies to sleep all night, why would the caboose be any different? Kala asked me what would have to happen in order for me to think our time together working with the baby was a success. I told her getting at least 5 straight hours of sleep would be a-mazing. I wasn't into the cry-it-out method, but Kala walked us through it and gave us all the tools we needed to comfort our little one during those rough first nights. And they didn't last long. We were amazed at how fast training was catching on. By night #3, she was sleeping 10 hours only waking for about 15-20 minutes. And soon after that she wasn't waking up at all! Did you hear me - 10 HOURS straight! I didn't think it was real; hell I didn't think it was possible, but here we are after 3 weeks and this has CHANGED OUR LIVES. Not only at nighttime, but also at naps. We used to have to rock her to sleep and pray she stayed that way after putting her down, but now she goes down w/o a second thought! Don't get me wrong, we've had our hiccups, but Kala made sure we were comfortable, encouraged, and confident in our training steps. I asked her every question on the planet and she always gave a thorough answer. She kept tabs on our sleep worksheet and interacted with me daily on progress. I couldn't have asked for a better experience or a better sleep training partner. If you're on the fence about this, take my word for it, jump - you won't regret it and you won't ever look back! <3 <3


Sleep training changed things for my entire family. Looking back, I am not sure how we were getting through the days. Kala stepped in and changed our routines and showed us the importance of a sleep schedule. My daughter conformed beautifully to the schedule and even made great strides at daycare in a not so friendly sleep environment. Our only regret is that I did not do the sleep training earlier. I had mom guilt because I felt I should be able to do it on my own but now my precious 6 month old is doing it on HER own and it's the best thing we could have done. Kala provided an enormous amount of information and support. We definitely did not feel alone during the process.


This sleep training experience with Kala has been amazing for our toddler and our family.

We found the results to be extremely rewarding and valuable.  Our son had very unhealthy sleep habits and used multiple sleep props to fall asleep at night. The program taught us what was healthy for a child his age and it helped us get our lives back on track. We finally have our nights back to ourselves!  I have no idea how we were making it before the sleep program! Our toddler actually looks forward to his bedtime routine and going to sleep now.  

From this experience we have learned that toddlers absolutely need routine in their sleep and leading up to their bedtime, and they actually enjoy the routine!   Getting our family into a routine helped us tremendously in so many different areas of our lives.  Our toddler is happier and seems more leveled out.  The temper tantrums have gone down tremendously with the sleep sense program.   I would 100% recommend this sleep program to others! The support, constant encouragement  and information that Kala gives you is incredible and left us feeling very prepared and confident. We give it a 10!  

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us our evenings back!!

Elizabeth and Paul

We just finished our three week consultation with Kala and I am so impressed with the progress that my son has made. He had started sleeping through the night at 13 weeks (after we implemented Kala's newborn tips and we got approval from our pediatrician that he had great weight gain), but around 5 months old he started to have some sleep regression so we contacted Kala and she made a custom sleep plan for him and he went from sleeping in his pack 'n' play in our room with multiple wakings a night to successfully transitioning into his crib in his nursery and sleeping through the night again with very few adjustments. The other big step that he took was going from 4 naps a day that he had to be rocked to sleep and held by someone to 2 longer independent naps a day in his crib. I highly recommend Sleep at Last! Kala is professional and kind, while also being frank about creating good habits in order to have the child gain good sleep skills.


When I first spoke with Kala I could have cried on the phone I was so completely exhausted! My toddler was sleeping in bed with my husband while I was sleeping on the couch with our 6 month old. I was so very skeptical about sleep training because I felt like I had done everything and my kids just were not good sleepers. Well 6 weeks later and my perspective is completely changed. Both of my kids are sleeping through the night and in their own beds!! Kala was very easy to work with and very thorough. She even made sure we are well equipped for future sleep changes. I am SO happy that we decided to go through with this, it was worth every penny. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!



Your sleep programme is fantastic and truly works! Last night was our 6th night and things are going brilliantly well! I really can’t thank you enough. Joel slept through on the 3rd night, had a bit of a blip on the 4th night, but I think it was because he had a dirty nappy and was uncomfortable but 5th and 6th nights…straight through! Thank you!


The results we have seen since Annie has started her training has been nothing short of amazing. I am just glad her mom and dad can finally sleep!


Simply put, Kala’s method changed our lives. We started this journey as a family of 4 sleeping in the same room. Our 2-year-old slept in the middle of us and our 8-month-old next to us and was still waking up several times during the night to eat. Two weeks later my husband and I had our room back and each kid is sleeping in their own room, sleeping through the night. It was worth the investment to have a happy well rested family. Hiring Kala has been one of the best decisions we have made for our family.