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  • Was your baby awake last night more than she was asleep?
    Do you spend hours getting your little one to sleep at bedtime, only to be woken a few hours later to a screaming baby?
    Does your child need to be rocked, bounced, or taken for a car ride to nap? Or even worse, refuses to nap at all – even though she seems tired and cranky?
  • Do you need help moving your little out of your bed so you can get a full night’s sleep without being kicked in the ribs?
    Are you tired of the bedtime antics and stall tactics?
    Have you tried everything to get your baby to sleep better but nothing is working?
  • Are you worried that your child’s lack of sleep is affecting her mood, health, and growth and development?
    Is your own lack of sleep making you physically exhausted and emotionally drained, leaving you irritable all the time?
    Are you tired of hearing “Welcome to Motherhood” ?


Why Kala

Hello. I’m Kala Guichard, and as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I’ve helped many tired parents and babies get the sleep they need.

Allow me to take your family from exhausting, sleepless nights and frustrating days to well-rested, rejuvenated, and thriving.

Sleep is not a privilege or a luxury; sleep is a biological necessity and is essential to your family’s health, happiness, and overall well-being.

Let’s hop on the phone for a totally free, no obligation call so you can tell me more about your baby’s specific sleep challenges and I can share exactly how I can help.

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Kind Words


Came across Kala on fb and reached out in desperation...

Came across Kala on fb and reached out in desperation. My 7mo old was waking up at random times every night. Every night was a mystery for us and as soon as we put him to bed we were in bed ourselves to take advantage of any sleep time we could get. Naps were little to none and night time was just as bad. Kala set a routine for our son and I will be honest I had my doubts. I thought that our baby was going to be that one baby that this would not work on. I was wrong, by the second night he was sleeping all night. There were a few nights where he woke up, but we followed the routine and pushed through it all. It feels wonderful to have our sanity back. This has been the best investment. Our son is well rested and a lot happier. No more night time feedings or constant wakings. I would highly recommend Kala with Sleep at Last. This has been a huge blessing. We even able to have a date night for the first time in 7mo. Thank you Kala!

I didn't know anything about newborn sleep before working with Kala...

I didn't know anything about newborn or babies sleeping needs before working with Kala. we started working together when my son was only give weeks old...I want having any difficulties with him, but I knew I wanted to avoid the sleep problems my other mom friends talked about. Kala walked us through a detailed plan for my son, explaining the rationale behind all of her suggestions. She checked in on our progress several times a week, and made it easy for me to reach out to her with questions, which I had tons of. She was respectful and prompt in her responses. She also checked in on how we were doing as new parents, and how I was adjusting to all the changes that come with being a first time mom. My son is three months now and I feel great when other moms talk about having to start sleep training while my son is having great naps and six hour stretches at night! Without Kala's help I'm positive we would have fallen into some hard to break habits. I definitely recommend working with her, even if you aren't having sleep issues she did a great job helping us be proactive!

My wife and I were desperate and thought there was nothing we could do ...

My wife and I were desperate and thought there was nothing we could do to get our son sleeping through the night. He went from waking up 3 or 4 times a night to sleeping for 11 hours in just 3 days of working with Kayla. She provided a very detailed plan and worked with us to get our son sleeping properly. The only thing I would change now is I wish we would have called Kayla 6 months sooner. I can't recommend her services enough! Thank you Kayla for helping us.

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Are you confused from all the information out there because there is so much and none of it makes sense?

5 Easy and Proven Steps to Get Your Child Sleeping Through the Night

With Five Easy and Proven Steps to Get Your Child Sleeping Through the Night

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