Hit a Sleep Speed Bump?


Sleep Consulting & COaching

Are naps Short and Unpredictable?

Do you have a chronic Early RiseR?

I have discovered over my many years providing sleep education and coaching to families, that a full private sleep program might not be the right fit to tackle a small one=off issue, like pending travel, moving, short naps or an early morning waking.

That’s Where WE come In.

Introducing, mini-sessions, a easy way to speak with me about your sleep struggle and allow me to share guidance, feedback and a solution that is right for your unique needs. 

These sessions are not a replacement to cram weeks of private coaching into a 30-minute or 45 minute session, but rather to have you leaving the call empowered, with a better understanding on what’s causing your ‘speed bump’ with sleep and how to implement changes today that will solve you sleep struggle for good. 


With Sleep at Last’s mini-sessions, you can be confident that your Child will get the rest they need to be the healthiest, happiest little one, and enjoy the adventure of parenthood, the way your envisioned it.

We all have bad days, off weeks and sleep disturbances, but those small speed bumps shouldn’t turn into longer-term issues. With our mini-sessions, you will schedule a call with the Sleep At Last team, at a time that’s best for you, and complete a mini-questionnaire, so we are prepared to chat through your issues.

You’ll learn exactly how to get longer naps, how to get them sleeping in later, or prepared for that upcoming travel. 

You will be provided with expert knowledge about your child’s sleep needs and be given the tools to start your child down the right path to healthy sleep habits to establish a good foundation of sleep that help them to grow and thrive in these crucial years.

Are you ready for a rest reboot?


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Sleep Coaching Mini-Session


Sleep Analysis Questionnaire

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