Master Class – Naps


Get instant access to figuring out why those dreaded short naps happening in your home and how to solve them now. With this course, you’ll receive our eBook and video training and get a step-by-step understanding of why your child is taking short naps and exactly how to fix them. This all-conclusive course will give you a clear plan for nap success!



A healthy sleep schedule is very important for infants and toddlers who have lots of energy. Research shows that infants and children who sleep well during the day are better able to learn from their environment because they are better able to focus and maintain their attention for longer periods of time. In this eBook and Video, I break down why naps go south, how to create predictability and structure in your daily schedule, and how to lay your child down and leave the room and enjoy naptime!  After all, we want you to keep those naps for as long as possible.

  • The importance of daytime sleep
  • Age-appropriate schedules from birth – five years
  • Sleep needs, wake windows, and bedtimes for every age
  • Recommendations on nap environment and routines
  • Signs of nap transitions and how to manage them
  • Step-by-step instructions for dropping naps
  • Strategies and tips for helping achieve optimal daytime sleep
  • FAQs & answers on common nap struggles

Don’t spend another minute researching schedules! This all-conclusive nap guide will give you a clear plan for nap success!

Appropriate for children from birth through 5 years old.


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