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I see you… Scrolling through… Trying to find some sleep help! You are beyond tired, frustrated, and not sure how to make sleep a normal part of your family’s life again. You want to wake feeling rested, energized, and ready to take on the day. You are ready to just sleep. And you are not alone.


There is nothing wrong with prioritizing sleep. Sleep is an essential body process, not a luxury. Sleep is the foundation for development, growth, and recovery. If you are like the parents I know, your love for your children knows no bounds. Yet, things could only improve with some good quality sleep for you and your little one.

Does this sound familiar?

Sleep Is Not a luxury. It is a necessity.

While all of my clients have a different story, they all have one thing in common – results. I am committed to solving your child’s exhausting sleep habits once and for all, and our time together is not over until you reach your sleep goals.

When we are finished, your child will be sleeping through the night and taking restorative naps so that everyone in the family gets the sleep they need. Do you remember those days of feeling well-rested? Let’s get you back there!

Kala Guichard

Founder, Sleep At Last

Hello, my name is Kala Guichard, Louisiana’s premiere 
Certified pediatric sleep consultant, family coach, and mother of two uh-mazing boys, Jules and Orin.

I work with loving parents of amazing children – like you. You want to be the best parent you can be for you child, but the only problem is, you are exhausted and frustrated because you little one isn’t sleeping.

Your baby just won’t sleep; you’ve tried everything, but nothing is working. You are at your wit’s end and you don’t know what else to do. Sleep shouldn’t be this hard, and it doesn’t have to be.

Erin Lawyer

Sr. Certified Sleep Consultant, Sleep At Last

My name is Erin Lawyer, a Sr. Sleep Consultant here at Sleep at Last. I am a Certified Pediatric and Adult Sleep Consultant. I am also a mother of three boys… Jared, Lucas, and Zachary.

I work with loving parents of wonderful children. The only problem is you are frustrated and exhausted because your child is not sleeping well. Your child just won’t sleep! You have tried it all, but nothing is working. You are at your wit’s end, not sure where to turn next. Sleep shouldn’t be this hard, and it does not have to be!

I not only have taught my own three children to be amazing sleepers, I have also helped hundreds of families since 2014. I understand how challenging and stressful it can be for parents to make changes to their child’s sleep habits while second-guessing every step of the process.

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