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Are You On the Short Nap Struggle Bus?

Do you have a chronic Early RiseR?

Not everyone needs the complete private sleep coaching package. Perhaps you have a small issue you are trying to endlessly tackle…without much success then check out 
That’s Where I come In.

Introducing, our sleep coaching courses. They are small education sessions that help you first become educated on the background of a specific challenge, then allow me to coach you through with my videos and eBooks, on the exact path to correct sleep and get things aligned between the day and the overnight. 

Sleep doesn’t have to be a struggle and you can correct these small things that make a big impact. 


Sleep Coaching Success Stories

"My son was sleeping 12 hours a night, with no wake ups, after only two nights of sleep training. "Her advice, tips, and tricks work 100 % if you follow them step-by-step and listen to what she has to say."

With Sleep at Last’s mini-sessions, you can be confident that your Child will get the rest they need to be the healthiest, happiest little one, and enjoy the adventure of parenthood, the way your envisioned it.

We all have bad days, off weeks and sleep disturbances, but those small speed bumps shouldn’t turn into longer-term issues. With our mini-sessions, you will schedule a call with the Sleep At Last team, at a time that’s best for you, and complete a mini-questionnaire, so we are prepared to chat through your iss

You’ll learn exactly how to get longer naps, how to get them sleeping in later, or prepared for that upcoming travel. 

You will be provided with expert knowledge about your child’s sleep needs and be given the tools to start your child down the right path to healthy sleep habits to establish a good foundation of sleep that help them to grow and thrive in these crucial years.

Are you ready for a rest reboot?


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Short Naps Video Training

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