Hi, I’m Kala Guichard.

I’m a certified sleep consultant for newborns, babies, and toddlers.

I am based in Youngsville, Louisiana, but I’ve worked with amazing families all over the world, thanks to modern technology! Wherever you live, I can help!

I work with exhausted, frustrated parents of sleepless children who need more sleep.


Your baby just won’t sleep; you’ve tried everything to get your baby sleeping better, but nothing has worked. You are at your wits end and don’t know what else to do.


If your family has to go one more night without sleep, you seriously do not know how you will make it through the next day. Your family deserves sleep. As a matter of fact, you cannot function without sleep.


With one-on-one Sleep Coaching, you will receive customized solutions and expert knowledge to teach your child healthy sleep habits that allow the entire family to wake up energetic and well rested.


Sleep is not a privilege or luxury; sleep is a biological necessity and is essential to your family’s health, happiness, and overall well-being.


I was there, sleep deprived and it was affecting every important aspect of my life. I wasn’t myself, struggling every day to be a mom, wife, and professional. Self-care? Ha! That’s laughable. There was no time, no energy for self-care.


And bedtime…? I loathed the thought of bedtime.


The only thing that felt predictable in my life was my son’s unpredictability with sleep. I dreaded putting him to sleep at night because I knew in a few short hours my ears would be ringing and I would be awakened by a screaming baby.








And repeat.


It was a vicious cycle.


Maybe you can relate?


Too many parents share that they are at their wits end with trying to get their precious bundle of joy to sleep. A screaming baby is not a rite of passage. It is not something you have to endure just because you brought a child into this world.


Lack of sleep is not only detrimental to your child, it wreaks havoc on the entire family physiologically, emotionally and socially.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be there way. No longer do you have to suffer through the screaming minutes, hours, day, weeks, months of training your child to sleep.


And that’s when I discovered The Sleep Sense™ Program.


My success with the Sleep Sense™ Program fueled my passion to help others. I felt empowered to share my knowledge…just because you brought a child into this world doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sleep and sanity!


I was personally trained and mentored by Dana Obleman, the world-renowned sleep expert and creator of the Sleep Sense™ Program, one of the most extensive sleep certification programs in the world.


The Sleep Sense™ Program worked for me; it’s worked for over 100,000 families, and I’m confident it’ll work for you.


It’s time to take your nights back and restore the health and balance your family deserves. Schedule your FREE Discovery Call today.