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(0-4 MONTHS)

“Sleep when the baby sleeps” is easier said than done! This package is for expecting parents or parents of newborns up to three months. It is designed to help you figure out the “what now?” after your baby arrives. You will learn realistic expectations when it comes to newborn sleep, (beyond what the books say)! Fostering healthy sleep habits in your little one right from the beginning of life is what you can expect from this package.

(4-23 MONTHS)

Designed for infants ages 4 – 18 months, this is the perfect package for babies who are ready to learn the lifelong skills necessary to become an independent sleeper. Together, we will address your child’s sleep issues through a comprehensive plan and you will have my on-going support throughout as you implement this plan. It’s time to take your nights back!


There’s no such thing as “too late“ when it comes to helping your child build healthy sleep habits. This package is for children 24 months and older who have trouble falling asleep at nap or bedtime and staying asleep during the night. If you’re struggling with anything from poor napping, to unwanted co-sleeping, nightmares, or other bedtime battles, this option is for you!


Browse a variety of extra support options to compliment any sleep package.

If you are unsure if a consultation is right for you, or if you have any questions at all about what is included or how it works, I would like to invite you to take advantage of a FREE Discovery Call. This can be scheduled by calling me at directly at 337-278-2939 or emailing me at (linked to email). This will give us the chance to chat a little bit about your little one’s unique situation, and decide together if a full consultation is the right solution for your family.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you solve your child’s sleep problems!

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Your child needs to nurse or bottle feed (or use a pacifier) in order to get to sleep. Of course, whenever that soother falls out, YOU'RE the one who has to go put it back in (regardless of the time of night).

You are waking up with your child once, twice, three (or more) times each night. The reason? Your little one does not know how to fall asleep WITHOUT your help.

Your child needs to be rocked, bounced, or taken for a car/stroller ride in order to nap. Or (even worse) your child seems to REFUSE to take a nap -- despite the fact that he or she seems tired.

You need help moving your child out of the family bed and into a bed of their own. Your little one has started to TAKE OVER the family bed and you are ready to have it back.

Your baby’s (or toddler’s) naps are extremely short, sporadic or randomly scheduled throughout the day. Just when you think you can get some chores done around the house, your little one wakes up; 25 minutes after falling asleep.

Your child is so overtired that he or she is unable to enjoy fun and stimulating daytime activities. Your little one is always CRANKY, FUSSY, and IRRITABLE, lacks interest in exciting activities and/or can be difficult to be around.

Your OWN lack of sleep is starting to take a toll on you and your family. Studies prove that infant sleep problems are closely linked to POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION; has this become an area of concern for you?

If you share in one or more of the situations above, the good news is that your search for a solution can stop right here! The other good news is that, by working together we can start seeing a dramatic improvement in the length and quality of your child’s sleep… after just a couple of nights!

Our Benefits

If you are looking for answers to all your questions about sleep, beyond what you have read in books or online or have received from friends and family, you have come to the right place! You will be provided with education and personalized, on-going support throughout this process. Founded by Kala Guichard, Sleep at Last educates and empowers moms and dads to SOLVE their children’s sleep challenges, once and for all!


I will educate you on healthy sleep habits to ensure a restful night sleep for everyone. We will discuss strategies, troubleshoot problems, and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, night wakings, or any other specific issues you might be dealing with.


When baby sleeps well, everyone sleeps well! You will receive a detailed, fully customized sleep plan that I will prepare for your family. This plan will address your child’s individual needs and will provide you with clear, easy-to-follow steps to teach your child healthy sleep habits.

No more problems

I am here to help you solve your child’s sleep issues, once and for all! I look at the whole picture, not just what is happening in the bedroom. A huge variety of factors contribute to poor sleep. Together, we will figure out what is preventing your little one from sleeping all night. And with my on-going and personalized support throughout this process, you are sure to have success!

Happy baby

My mission is mission is to ensure that every child learns healthy sleep habits, because healthy sleep habits make for happy and healthy children. A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn.

The Sleep Sense™ Method, created by Dana Obleman in 2003, has already helped over over 100,000 families (and counting) just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. It was my strong belief in Dana’s methods that inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve your sleep goals!

Below are some actual testimonials from parents like you, who have used Dana’s Sleep Sense™ Method in their homes. Here’s what they had to say: